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VISA Requirements
General Information

Holders of Pakistani passports require a visa for Republic of Mali . All applicants are required to submit there application duly complete in all aspect to the following address:-

The Visa Section,
Honorary consulate of Republic of Mali,
9- Garrison golf & country club road,
Lahore cantt.

  • A passport , valid until at least three months after completion of the intended journey, plus a photocopy of every page ( except blank pages)

  • One fully, correctly and clearly completed application form, duly dated & signed. The application form can be downloaded from the honorary consulate’s web site address: www.

  • Sponsorship letter from Mali is mandatory for any type of Visa and should be submitted along with the application.

  • Two recent passport- size photograph

  • An original letter from your employer or company stating the purpose of your visit.

  • An invitation from the inviting company / reference with compete contact detail in republic of  Mali mentioning the duration & period of your intended stay.

  • Recent bank statement from your company and / or a private bank account, plus a photocopy.

  • A bank draft of  Rs. 4500.00 (Forty five hundred) being  processing  fee favoring Honorary consulate of Mali is required to be submitted along with each application.
Procedure & Processing Time

All verified & completed application received from within Pakistan are forwarded to the authorities in Republic of Mali for necessary clearance & final decision. If the authorities are satisfied with the facts mentioned in the application, a traveling Authority is communicated to this consulate for its further delivery to the applicant.

Please note following:-

    • The processing time for an application is 4 - 7 days.

    • Please mention your complete address with contact numbers to confirm the status of the application.

    • Processing fee is non-refundable irrespective of the decision of The Honorary Consulate.

    • The Honorary Consulate is not liable to give a reason for any refusal.

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