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A landlocked country in West Africa, Mali shares borders with seven other countries. The Niger River and the Senegal River run respectively for 1700 km and 800 km through the south and east of the country, while the northern region forms part of the Sahara Desert.

The seasons are divided broadly into dry and wet, the dry season being from around November to May, and the wet season being from around June to October. Temperatures and rainfall vary greatly depending on the region. Rainfall, extremely low in the desert areas to the north, exceeds 700 mm annually in the south due to the tropical climate. The country as a whole is characterized by a significant disparity between day/night time temperatures and humidity levels.

The population is concentrated in central and southern areas, where the climate is relatively mild. That 45 % of the population is under 15 years of age can be considered one of Mali's strengths.
Area : 1,241,238 sq km (approx. 3.3 times the size of Japan)
Population :
12,670,000 (2003)
People :
More than 23 ethnic groups including Bambara, Soninke, Fulani, Songhai and Dogon
Religion :
Muslim (80%), Christian and Animist
Language :
French (official language). Ethnic languages include Bambara, Fulfulde, Songhai and Tamashek
Capital city
Climate :
Bamako (population around 1million)
subtropical to arid; hot and dry February to June; rainy, humid, and mild June to November; cool and dry November to February

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